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Allie Wakefield

We all struggle from time to time and, unfortunately, we don't always have access to the kind of support that we need. When faced with overwhelming stress and difficult circumstances reach out for help from a professional, such as myself. None of us can go it alone - nor should we. We are all deserving of respect, kindness and compassion. Allow me to help you through the hard times while teaching effective strategies to calm the inner chaos. By learning to care for yourself and understand your struggles you will find true stability and control that can be sustained, no matter the circumstances. Teens, especially need to learn these skills in order to successfully launch into adulthood. I really enjoy working with teens and their families and have ample experience helping adults through transitions in life and other mental health issues. I am an ally of the LGBT+ community.


As a Psychologcial Examiner, I provide comprehensive evaluations to aid in clarifying diagnoses. Specialized evaluation is available for intellectual and adaptive functioning, ADHD, personality, behavioral and mood disorders. Testing is tailored to the individual in order to identify problem areas and better guide the process of remediation and treatment. I am a graduate of the Clinical Psychology Master’s program at Pittsburg State University in Kansas and am licensed in the State of Arkansas by the Arkansas Psychology Board. Independent Status was granted by the board in 2016.


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